Ready for an eCommerce store? Unlock your shop now!

Ready for an eCommerce store? Unlock your shop now!

India is cruising its way to go digital and mobile. And the reasons are simple, as per wiki stats, more than 50% of India’s population falls under the age group of 25, whereas more than 65% constitutes to the segment falling under the age group of 35. Now this is really something big, as most of the internet usage and online purchases are done by this major chunk.

Let’s look at some statistics

Looking at the statistics, we have 125 million plus Internet users currently and that’s why we are already claimed as one of the fastest growing digital markets. But this is not over yet! The internet usage rate and users are increasing at a very positive rate year on year. We are all set to become the second largest internet market after China.

This entire scenario has completely changed the picture of purchase model. Now more and more people are encouraged to make online search and are also making online purchases, and I am pretty sure that this is not going to stop anytime soon; indeed this segment is accelerating in leaps and bounds. Now all these numbers clearly imply that how much potential does an eCommerce carry and how it can act as a boon to so many businesses.

Why an eCommerce website?

Well after reading the current statistics, you must have become quite affirmative about eCommerce. But still the question arises, that why your business needs an eCommerce website, isn’t it? To answer the same I would ask you one thing that how much expenditure you would have done to raise your shop/store?

Going ahead with the current inflation rates, I presume that considering the rent/construction and infrastructure, your expenses would have definitely surpassed the value of One Lakh INR, doesn’t matter how small your business is. And yes I forgot to add the capital required for maintaining the inventory as well. Then comes the expenses on some promotions also (pamphlets, cards etc). Well the calculations are definitely showing some whooping numbers.

Now what if I say, that you can build your same store virtually in a far more appealing way and that too at a price of few thousands, don’t think of me as an imposter guys. This is really serious and indeed true.

Yes!! you can all have this by getting an eCommerce website for your business where you can freely sell your product/service. On top of that you don’t require any inventory to be maintained. Your business gets a worldwide exposure and you start getting orders in quite some time with an effective online marketing approach.

So now in a few thousands, you have been able to successfully implement your business on a digital format which is visible globally. This can definitely save your lakhs of investment and you can reinvest your hard earned money specifically for marketing activities that could derive more and more sales.

So stop thinking too much and give your e-store a GET SET GO!


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