10 common problems with cheap web design companies

10 common problems with cheap web design companies

I have been in ‘Web Development’ industry since 2003 and working till date to satisfy our clients in all aspects.

I try to communicate with people about web projects and I usually hear a lot of complaints regarding other web design companies.

The companies who offer various services at cheaper costs may be fooling you.. So, BE AWARE!! & BE ALERT!! before opting someone for getting you a web project.

There could be many ways in which cheap web designers can impress you with their talks but could convert your trust into a bad experience of life.

So far, I have noticed many problems with cheap web design companies. Thus, enlisting 10 common ones for your ease in making selection from the next time:-

  1. Outdated Designing Issues– Companies with cheap prices usually provide old design as they won’t take much efforts for your website. Rather they have many pre-developed forms/webpages which they believe to modify according to your needs and handover to you.
    It’s the time to refresh and reform the design patters according to the purpose of the project rather than some common concept.
    If the visitors see same/old look of the webpages, it erodes their trust.
    Reused images/icons imparts false impression of the website on the visitors.
    So, it’s advisable to review some companies’ projects before making any decision.
  2. Project Discussions and Services– This is a very basic issue that arises with many clients. People usually complain that the company they opted is not communicating well regarding the requirements. Apart from communication issues, clients face problems like document creation, milestone setup, listening to the client and managing their expectations and the most common one is meeting deadlines.
    There are dozens of things to be discussed about the project, so always look for company which communicates well and provide quick services because miscommunication can sometimes lead to disastrous results.
  3. Non-Responsive Websites– Websites which are non responsive often fail to translate content efficiently from one device to another and this is the reason of visitors to lose interest in your website.
    Responsive designs are a framework for giving users the optimum experience for viewing your website, no matter which device they are using; ie. they are device compatible.
    What this means is that content– images, text, videos, etc.–adjusts well and fit on any tablet or smartphone nicely. It saves the mobile device user’s time and interest from the website . It insures the minimal inconvenience of having to scroll horizontally, zoom in, and so on to get at the content they’re after which can be frustrating.
  4. Database Crashed– Database crashing can be caused due to variety of reasons like corrupted data/files, permission issues, etc
    Businesses usually rely on database for storing and functioning  their sensitive data; organisations cannot afford any kind of failure in their databases as it can have a deadly impact on their business.
    Cheap website companies sometimes provide db with not much handling which could be disastrous at times. Genuine web companies always hire Database experts/DBA for providing best results to their clients.
  5. Couldn’t explain Flash, SEO– It is always said that, ‘A little knowledge is a dangerous thing’. It could be you who is targeted by this proverb.
    Opting cheap web companies for your project development can sometimes be harmful for you in various aspects because such companies hire low waged employees who are not professional, rather just have limited knowledge regarding technology used, database handling, flash and graphics, SEO services which is a must these days for efficiency of the project
    Always try to make sure that the company you choose is reliable and knowledgable by asking and discussing issues regarding latest technologies, designs, SEO services provided by them etc
  6. Old technology– In web development, many developers now take things for granted, such as providing clean layouts, performant code and a consideration for the user experience.
    Low-Cost companies usually rely on outdated/old technologies which can affect the prospects of your business in many ways like-
    a) Losing reputation in the eyes of the customers due to unsupportive nature of the website on browser(s).
    b)Many opportunities can be lost due to old technologies which can hamper the growth of your business.
    c)Outdated technologies can drastically affect the productivity of the projects like hacking attacks, speed problems, etc.
  7. Company gone, can’s access the website– Even the most prominent websites may go down for hours/days/weeks. Downtime may not be the reason always, it may be blocked by security software, or may be because of ISP routing issues. Sometimes the home page relies and all the other pages/sub-pages are delinked from the project/service by the companies which imparts negative impact on the visitors/ clients.
    Several cases have been noted regarding this issue of website down due to the missing of website companies.
    It’s always advisable to get the details regarding company before making any contract or giving any consignment to them.
  8. Hosting issues– Due to unreliable support and insufficient security, hosting issues may arise. We always rely on our web host to keep our websites online and if hosting issues arise, you can suffer issues like website’s loading time & slow/zero navigation.
    You may find it surprising that how some web companies can offer free hosting services while there are others who are charging enormously for it. You need to consider the this points before you get caught in such an in-genuine offer. Many low-cost companies are not able to protect your data from getting hacked or identifying theft possibilities.
    Good web hosting services assure its customers that the website is totally safe and secured to run their business transactions.
    So, prior to selecting the web development company, you need to ensure whether it gives you the required level of hosting security that you need for your website or not.
  9. CMS limitations– CMS websites always demands expensive designs and maintenance costs; thus, if companies are offering you CMS services at low cost, don’t trust them in a go, it may be a trap!!
    For providing better CMS services, technical skillset is required for which staff hired by company should be highly professional & experienced which will ultimately charge higher than the ones having little knowledge and providing insufficient services.
    Moreover,  if the project goes in wrong hands, an unmaintained and outdated CMS can do a lot of harm to a website and lead to serious security vulnerabilities.
  10. Delays, Lack of capacity, False-promises– Cheap Website companies usually make false promises. Their project deliveries are rescheduled many a times due to many reasons like employees on leave, some technical issues arising, etc.
    Due to unexperienced and low-waged employee set, they cannot communicate well and thus even cannot satisfy their clients in all related aspects. They are not even active all the time; they take things for granted; their over-slow performances sometimes irritates the clients.

    The web development sector is largely misunderstood due to the bad experience of many people with the false-promising companies. Never make a mistake of thinking that all developers are created equal. Wisely choose a developer ensuring customer satisfaction.

We are always here to listen to your past experiences and assist you regarding your needs and requirements.

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