Beware! Are you a victim of cheap web design services.…

Beware! Are you a victim of cheap web design services.…

Every ‘Website Design Company’ should be guided by one goal: to find the ideal balance of form and function for every client. The foundation of their strategy and design process must start with identifying their client’s business goals. Companies must aim to create a user experience that is intuitive, informative and most importantly—captures site visitors.

Cheap web design companies make false promises but could not follow them due to various reasons like employees on leave, some technical issues arising, etc.

Due to inexperienced and low-waged employees set, they cannot communicate well and thus cannot satisfy their clients in all related aspects. They are not even active all the time; they take things for granted; their over-slow performances sometimes irritates the clients., their project deliveries are never timely.

It is always advisable to review/survey about some companies and the projects undertaken by them, before making any decision. Some ways are mentioned below to scrutiny the authenticity of any web design company:


  •    Company’s Marketing department

Companies having a marketing department assures that the final product will be delivered timely and with perfection. Therefore, always try to communicate with the marketing team member for your satisfaction; you must be impressed by the website designing company, also assure the credibility of the web designing company.

  • Listen patiently and discuss ideas

Marketers must have the patience to listen to your requirements, how you want your website to be and many such things. Try avoiding companies for work who doesn’t listen to you and respond interestingly. The website designing company should be able to listen to your ideas and discuss their thoughts as well; it’s not like everything will be provided by you, thus, their team must be attentive, full of ideas and must possess good communication skills. They should not impart a casual attitude towards your needs regarding project, rather must be interested.


  •    Company must Have Portfolio

The ‘portfolio’ is the proof that the company has done something in their field. And as a client, you can also have a look at it to make yourself assured. While viewing the portfolio, you can decide whether the company will be able to design website as per your needs and requirements or not. If the portfolio excites you, then you must go to that developer for further discussions.

  •   Company must Have Longevity(Long Term Experience)

The World changes every minute! This doesn’t give you an opportunity of choosing any development company overnight. You as a client need your company to be available for a long time, most importantly, according to your timezone. The more experienced company will give more accurate results, thus, experience does matter a lot in the development sector. Having knowledge is good, but the experience is what matters the most these days.

  •    Developers must Know Conversion

The designers of the company should know the conversion factors related to the website, means that they know the proper layout, navigation, and call to action. The designer of the company should use data and proven methods efficiently while creating your precious project; because every client’s ultimate goal is to achieve higher conversion rate, better leads and ultimately, more sales or whichever action aligns with their website and business goals.

  •    Designers/Developers must Keep themselves Updated

Employees of the company should be updated about the latest trends and technologies to be used in their work. Everyone wants the latest and fresh things & ideas for their websites to be used; What’s the use of old technologies when there are new ones available! Therefore, an ideal or perfect ‘website designing company’ should have designers who are updated with the latest technologies and also know how to apply them in their work.

  •    Employees must be locally as well as nationally comfortable

This is the most crucial point to be tracked while scrutinizing the authenticity of a web design company, because clients usually expect their company to have worked for both local as well as national. And if it has served internationally, then this indicates the professionalism about it. For this, you can trust UE Developer blindly because they are very strategic and expertise in whatever they do as they have not only worked nationally but internationally too!


  1. Get a Demo. Of course, you’ll want a demo/trial of the content management system, but also get a demo of the project management tools. Wait, they don’t practice project management tools? Bad sign… Assurance about tools is very important before making any decision.So, Discuss and Discuss more..
  2. Are they taking notes? There may be indications of client/vendor chaos in the first meeting. Still Have Patience! They should be capturing goals and requirements in an organised way. They must also guide you through both the technicalities and the goals of effective websites and social media postings. Always, appreciated their creativity, patience, and immediate response and answers, for your better experience and maintaining a friendly relationship.
  3. Meet the Team. Again, just like job interviews, nothing replaces the face-to-face meeting. Try communicating the development team for your satisfaction and getting better final results.

It’s not that you have read all the above mentioned points and swallowed it with a cup of tea or coffee. The project/website that will be designed by a website designing company will be the face of your business. You must take these points seriously and make optimum use of them. Ultimately, your website only will be the driving factor which will decide whether people want to buy your service or not!

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