How landing page can help in achieving your business goals?

How landing page can help in achieving your business goals?

Landing page is basically a standalone web page, created specifically for the purposes of a marketing or advertising campaign. It’s where a visitor “resides/lands” when they have clicked on a Google Ad Words or similar. It is an important marketing tool bringing awareness to specific content and prompting visitors through calls-to-action(CTA) to provide data in exchange for information, and thus can significantly increase the rate of conversions.

Different Types of Landing Page

Following are the two basic structural types of a landing page Examples :

*Lead Generation landing page– These are sometimes referred to as ‘lead gen’ or ‘lead capture pages; It uses a web form as the Call to Action, for the purpose of collecting lead data such as names, contact numbers and email addresses. This is the primary type of landing page generally used for B2B marketing.

*Click-Through landing page- These are typically used for e-commerce and have a simple button as the Call to Action.

Landing pages, are often the first impression your prospective clients get. They are the face of your business.

Make sure that the face is a smiling one..!!

In this guide, we’ve brought together things we’ve ever learned about achieving business goals through landing page-

The Limitless Capabilities:

Landing pages can be used to collect personal information from potential leads in exchange for anything from forms, reports, newsletters, podcasts, blog, coupons, contest entries, free trials or notifications of future product launches, just to name a few. Since the capabilities of landing pages are so bountiful, it is manageable to create one that suits your agenda. Landing pages play a vital role in the marketing campaign efforts and there is seemingly no limit to what this advertising campaign tool can do for you.

It Even Works, While You Don’t:

This is the most popular benefit that businesses love these days. Clients can develop a landing page for one segment (niche) and market it as part of their content marketing strategy. Visitors are then persuaded to check out the page and may potentially sign up or download the opt-in offer; this process is automatic, with no extra work on client’s part. So, people can easily go on vacation with their family, sleep in, or work on their next real estate deal without worrying about manually generating sales for their business.

Instant Credibility to users:

The landing page gives credibility to the visitors; because when the client develops a landing page for their visitor, they tend to solve a problem for them (one specific niche). Hence, visitors of the website will consider this and put their faith in the website. This gives the business credibility and starts a new relationship based on leadership and trust.

Improves SEO Rank:

With the increased competition, businesses need to constantly generate relevant and quality content to keep ‘SEO ranking’. With a landing page, developers can leverage their SEO rank on the web with search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. ; as these search engines rank the website in given search results based on the content authenticity.

If the website has a relevant landing page with organic content, it will definitely help to elevate the rank in search engines.

Increase Your Chances of getting Leads:

Usually, many business owners prefer having a website page to feed their customers with loads of information about the product(s) or service(s); this sounds like a lead generating tactic, but is actually quite the opposite. A website’s visitor will be overfed with so much information to navigate through one web page that they might just give up the idea of continuing on leaving you with a lost opportunity.

Rather, go for a landing page which provides visitors with the solution to their problem and directs them in submitting their email address to further cater to their needs. Thus, at the end of the day, companies will have more qualified, valuable leads.

From small businesses to large ones, a landing page can act like a lead magnet gold mine if used correctly. It works towards creating the brand image, trust, and helps their clients to stand apart from the competition. In other words, clients gain a competitive advantage while simultaneously catering to their visitors’ needs and converting them into leads.

We have compiled many landing pages, we offer best practices, design tips, and inspirational case studies & solutions to them.

What kind of landing pages are you interested in implementing for your business??

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