PPC – An effective approach to get instant traffic online…

PPC – An effective approach to get instant traffic online…

I wonder at times that for what reason so much of investments are being made on paid advertising online at search engines like Google or Bing. The amount of investment is not only huge; the figures are indeed titanic crossing the billion marks at one shot. So why there is so much of hoopla all round for PPC advertisements? If I am not wrong, the answer lies within my question itself, as the billions are fetching trillions of value in the form of endless business queries and deals.

But what exactly is PPC?

PPC (Pay Per Click) is indeed one of the most popular but least understood form of online advertising. In a simplified way it can be defined as a marketing strategy where the search engines allow the advertisers to bid against each other in order to gain higher positions for their online ads on search engine pages. Currently, Google & Bing are the top two search engines which are most preferred all across the globe.

Are you still wondering whether you should go for a PPC ad? Well I would better say that first have a look on these stats……

  • Google alone fetches more than 100 billion searches in a month. Now that’s a whooping number. In case if your ad is placed on Google page, just imagine that how many queries you may fetch in a day.
  • The global spend on paid advertising (online) rose 15% in Q1 2013, year-on-year, spurred on by a 62% hike in click-through rates (CTR) and 21% increase in clicks, in comparison to 2012. 
  • Asia is continuously increasing its PPC spend YOY. This covers the Indian subcontinent as well. I guess that’s good for you also……isn’t it?

Still wondering? I don’t think so…

The numbers are with you and I don’t think so that any further explanation is required to derive the importance of PPC. It certainly does have the potential to bring a client at your welcome page and that too right from the time you start off your PPC campaigns.

The longer the delay is going to take away as many potential clients for you. So what are you waiting for? Start rolling your PPC campaign


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