Top 7 Important Factors Which Impact Dynamic Website Cost In…

Top 7 Important Factors Which Impact Dynamic Website Cost In…
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Whether the business is online or offline, today in digital world, it’s crucial to build and maintain a website and for profitable minds, the websites are dynamic. The major questions that arise in one’s mind are: How much should a dynamic website cost?, From whom should we consult for getting such dynamic website? On average, the upfront cost of a site includes its launching and designing, while routine websites need to spend on maintenance too, per month or per year.

Some important factors which impact dynamic website costing are listed as follows:

1) Cost of Living – Developer Cost –  Design Cost-

The time devoted by the developer in designing dynamic web pages is a major and important factor of deciding the cost. A Dynamic website development requires deep knowledge and creativity along with professionals who are the mentor and master on their own, who can design and develop dynamic website using different scripting languages, preferably PHP/Mysql and make the website eye catching, traffic retaining, easy to navigate and flawless.

The professional developer’s costing vary as per their knowledge, experience and most importantly the project they are working upon.

2) Hosting Cost

Companies need to have a system dedicated to working as a server in order to keep updating the website files. The server system usually remains connected to the internet. Many websites such as Bluehost, Siteground, Godaddy etc. and offer the Website Hosting.

Hosting is not only Cost but other several factors which one needs to understand; the server decides the number of visitors handling ability. The cost of Website Hosting can be calculated and there are many websites offering free calculators. ‘Paid hosting’ is the best of the idea to adopt, it starts from around Rs.3000/year to Rs.5000/year. There are many dedicated hosting for large organisations that may cost more than Rs.15000 or even more.

There are many hosting websites wherein one may check the prices; they offer discounts usually for longer packages of 2 years or more.

3) Functionalities Required At Client’s End

It totally depends upon the requirements of the client(s). A dynamic website development may start from 10,000 INR to 500,000 INR.

If clients are just having a requirement of a simple website which can show dynamic pages and enter the user details in DB(Database) using SQL, then it can be around 10,000 INR.

If the requirement is more complex like, User should be able to login and create an account and use the forgot password kind of options then it may cost around 20,000 INR.

If the requirement consists of dual login (one for the users of the site and another for the admin where admin can manage the things and update the details on website), then the cost will be around 40,000 to 50,000 INR.

If the client need whole E-commerce website to be designed using Php then it will cost around 60,000 to 75,000 INR. In this you can add products, remove products, add offers or discounts, receive payment using the payment gateway.

So, basically it entirely depends on the client’s requirement.

4) Hidden Cost 

Each website-design is a combination of hundreds of small decisions. The technical decisions are always taken by the development team; but clients need to be involved throughout the project creation for ensuring the successful project deployment. Not just designing , but a dynamic web project is built with many crucial aspects and it’s very important to discuss such issues with the development team before handing over the project to a web development company.

 Website Objectives

Every dynamic website is designed and developed with a purpose the Website Objectives; if you are not clear about the purpose then how you can determine it’s costing.

Clients must explore the various types of sites and determine which one suits their business goals such as: Dynamic/Interactive blogs or forums, e-commerce website, lead generating dynamic web pages, or any other kind of.

  Website Functionality

Clients need to list down all the Website functionality they want in their website; like they would like to have a functionality to update/edit text on your website, modify images in the gallery, facility to email bulk subscribers, calculate interest or amount.

This will help them in providing a more accurate time-scale and cost required to complete the project and also provide you more approximate task related milestones. As per the functionalities required by the clients, the companies analyse them and determine the approximate cost incurred in the project development along with their processing charges.

    Analyse The Company And Various Services Provided By Them

Always go through the projects undertaken by the companies and their completion and success rate. Read reviews regarding the company and each(several) project and analyse the things on your own.

Try hiring professionals to fill in any gaps, making sure their team includes talent covering the key areas of website production, including Planning, Copywriting, Graphic design, Development, Search engine optimization, Conversion, etc

5) Re-Working 

This adds time for the final deployment of the dynamic project which sometimes may lead to some loss in your business;  thus in late/untimely delivery, the project’s internal cost may increase even if agency does not charge extra. This usually happens if there is a weak connection between the development team and the client during the project development.

6)  Website Maintenance Cost-

website maintenance cost depending upon the size, complexity, and functionality of a dynamic website, as well as the background, skill set, and pricing model of the service provider, the businesses may pay either monthly or yearly to maintain their website.

When it comes to dynamic website management costs, the company’s rates depend heavily on the size and complexity of the website.;thus it’s helpful to break down website’s maintenance pricing by website type, like eCommerce, small business, or enterprise.

Get an estimate for the website maintenance costs by using the table below:

Type of Website Monthly Dynamic Website Maintenance Cost
Personal Website $5 to $25 /monthly
Interactive Blogs $25 to $75 /monthly
Small Business Website $35 to $100 /monthly
SMB Business Website $125 to $500 /monthly
Corporate Website $200 to $3500 /monthly
Web Application $300 to $2500 /monthly
Custom Business Website $350 to $4500 /monthly
E-commerce Website $1500 to $2500 /monthly
Custom E-commerce Website $2000 to $5000 /monthly

The website maintenance usually is determined by the services provided for any dynamic project such as Domain Name. SSL Certificate, Website Hosting, CMS,Tech Support, Website Analytics Reports, E-commerce system Maintenance ,etc.

7)Lack of Knowledge- Although there are many free tools available online, the lack of knowledge can also incur a cost.

Dynamic website’s cost in various countries

There are a number of factors that determine the cost of designing a dynamic website, i.e, using a custom web design agency with freelancers with a full-service design agency, or using an already made template instead of doing a completely custom design… and the list goes on.

Dynamic Website Design Cost

Dynamic website design cost is determined by the number of pages at the front end along with dynamic functions and features needed. The Cost may vary in different countries for the types of dynamic sites, an approximation of which is mentioned as follows after having a gist about the types of dynamic sites:

( 1 ) Simple Dynamic Website

Provides simple and basic functionality, information about the business and just giving an “online presence.” One can typically get a Home page, an About page, a Services/Products page, Landing Page and a Contact page.

            Ideal for: Self-employed employees, Small businesses in traditional industries, Best for those who do not need to update their content regularly

( 2 ) Complex Dynamic Website

Usually incorporates a database and/or dynamic content. In addition, one can get a CMS-integrated design (like WordPress) which gives an easier option for “logging in” and making changes to the content of the site.

            Ideal for: Startups, Small businesses, Freelancers, Best for those who need to update their content regularly

( 3 ) e-Commerce Website

E commerce website the shopping cart-enabled website, One can get the e-Commerce functionality with a shopping cart and the ability to add and update products, accept and process payments, etc.

            Ideal for: Any business looking to sell online

  Cost in India Cost in US Cost in UK Cost in Australia Cost in South Africa Cost in Sri Lanka Cost in New Zealand
Domain Cost & Hosting Charges Rs 999 – Rs 4999 / year $200-$1995/month £2.99 to £100 / year Or £3 to £45 / month $10 to $50. Plus you have to renew your domain subscription every year. R120-R300 Rs 1700 – Rs 5000 / year $1.7 / month – $12 / month
Simple Dynamic Website Rs 6999- Rs 15,999 $1,000 – $5,000+     £200 – 500 $500 to $5000 R3,999+ Rs 25000- Rs 85000 $300-$1000
Complex Dynamic Website Rs 8999- Rs 25,999 $5,000 – $10,000+   £500 – 1,000 USD $999 – $6999 /mo R6,999+ Rs 45000-Rs 110000 $1,000 – $10,000+
e-Commerce Website Rs 12999- Rs 59,999 $7,500 – $20,000+   £1,000 – 2,500 $5999-$14999 R8,999+ Rs75000- Rs 150000 $3,000 – $15,000+

** Usually the companies provide free domain services along with their packages but they have to pay the hosting charges monthly or yearly.

Above mentioned are the costs of the entire project undertaken by companies in different areas; fairly enough, the more client-oriented a company is, the higher are its costs. These days, in many companies, the prices are based on hourly rates. Here’s the approximate breakdown by geography:

· India and Pakistan, charge 30–35/hour,

· Eastern Europe, charge $25-40/hour,

· Western Europe, charge $40-60,

· Something between 120 and 160 for onshore US companies.

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