How user-friendly navigation can improve user experience?

@How user-friendly navigation can improve user experience
How user-friendly navigation can improve user experience

Bread Crumb website

these days,bread crumb website is an integral part of any website, but this doesn’t mean that it has to be flashy or complex to win your users over. When it comes to finding your way around a website, simplicity excels. Visitors would sooner stick with a site that can be explored simply rather than waste time with a rigid novelty page.

The website’s navigation system is like a road map to all the different areas and information contained within the website. Website navigation is very important for the success of your website user’s experience to your website

Always try to build a website that’s clear and has simple user-interface; and the group of loyal visitors will never be far behind.

Website navigation Styles refers to how the navigation system is presented; like,

            —Text Links(links that take visitors to another web page within the website),

            —Breadcrumbs(shows visitors the path within the website to the page they are currently on.),

            —Navigation Bar(horizontal or vertical bar having collection of text links grouped together),

            —Tab Navigation(links appears as tabs),

            —Dropdown/Flyout Menu(style of website navigation where when the visitor places their mouse over a menu item, another menu is exposed),

            —Named Anchors(type of links that take visitors directly to a spot on the current page or on another web page),

            —Sitemap(it’s a page within the website only that lists all the sections and web pages (if you have limited pages) that are contained within the website)

Following lists some aspects of user-friendly website navigation-

Website Conversions 

The ultimate goal of the website is conversion. i.e, converting visitors/leads into customers. Success hooks on conversions. The residing prospect must be able to convert quickly into a visitor, and the visitor must be able to convert quickly into a lead, an applicant, a customer, a donor, or a subscriber. Conversion points are usually reached via calls to action and the menu structure.

 Stay Duration and Lower Website Bounce Rate

A user-friendly navigable website has better chances of increasing the  Stay Duration and Lower Website Bounce Rate ; allowing visitors more time to explore the website and discover information about the company.  If visitors/customers visit the website and find that it is difficult to navigate, they may lose interest and do not want to take the time to dig through the website and may “bounce.”  A bounce occurs when a web site visitor stays for a few minutes on the website or views a single or two page(s) on a website rather than continuously viewing other pages within the same site.

Purchasing Products

User friendly interface follows easy directions that are established through strategic website navigation which allow customers to effortlessly go through the process of viewing and purchasing products.

Easily navigable Websites, thus have a clear route for customers to purchase products, exchange or return them without hassle.

Concise and to-the-point

Due to the high-speed technology today, people like everything quick and straight forward rather than complex and complicated.

User-friendly navigation bars containing clear and concise menu allow people to easily and rapidly access information or select items category wise or anything…

Overall Project Design

Since navigation bars are most often placed horizontally at the top of a website or vertically on the left, it is important to be consistent with these placements.  Navigation bars placed in the middle of a webpage are non-standard and difficult for visitors to locate.  Standardized, organized and uncluttered navigation design increases the overall aesthetic appeal of a website’s design. Navigation links that are short and to the point also creates a very clean and uncluttered appearance.

User-friendly navigation is a useful strategy to boost website design and page visits.  Keep these guidelines in mind when planning your next business website!

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