How to increase website traffic organically?

How to Increase Website traffic

If you have a website or a blog, then you may know that more than half of your website traffic is coming from the organic search results and generates close to half of your website’s revenue. That is the reason why the search marketing team continually aims to generate more traffic organically. When you rank on the first page for a keyword in a search engine, then you will see the traffic of your website will increase organically, or if you rank in the top 3rd place on the first page or in the featured snippets of Google then you will see the drastic change in your website traffic. 

So in this article we will figure out how to increase your website traffic organically, the main point to be done correctly in your search marketing campaigns. 

Identify Non Performing Content 

The non performing content is something that is responsible for a site not achieving it’s marketing objectives, like driving organic traffic to your website, lead conversions and getting referrals from other sites. When your site is not doing any favor on your side, and it may be possible that your website is hurting your chances of appearing in the SERP.

If your site has many pages and some of the pages are having non performing content which will lead to leaving by the crawler of search engines from your website even if your website has some performing content the crawler will not see it and abandon the site before crawling the good stuff.

When the search engine crawlers identify and leave the non performing content this gives the crawlers more budget to crawl the most important pages on the sites which have more valuable content. And this content can get a better position in the search engines, and absolutely more organic traffic and clicks for long term.

Fix The Non Performing Content By Regular Content Audit 

You need to run a content audit for your website to find out the best performing content. Keep check the best performing content on your website in terms of ranking keywords, and conversions, you can check the traffic on your website from where you are getting more audience.

 Make a list of the target keywords and their related posts on your website except non performing keywords. After this you will have a list of keywords that are performing well on your website. 

Download the spreadsheet of this data to find out which keywords are driving traffic to which URL on your website. After this follow below mentioned further steps related to SEO –

  • Check the Bounce Rate of your site
  • Check on page SEO
  • Content Quality and Timelines
  • Find and Remove the Broken Links
  • Find and Fix Dead End Pages
  • Find and Fix Duplicate Content on Your Website 
  • Loading Speed
  • Website audit on regular interval

After removing the non performing content from your website take a look at your website’s on page SEO – 

  • Refresh the On Page SEO of high quality but low performing blog posts.
  • Optimize Meta Tags according to SEO
  • Optimize the header and images of your website (You can use lightweight images to speed up the page load)
  • Add relative alt text to the images to get the position in the Search Engines.
  • Redirect low converting pages traffic to relevant higher converting pages.

If you want your place in the search engines then you should run this audit regularly to get the long term place in the search results.

Find The New Keyword Opportunities On Regular Intervals

When we talk about SEO then we are looking for strong new keywords opportunities that probably had gaps in it. This is the cool thing about SEO and it is natural. If you are selling something, or providing services or anything else, if you have multiple products or services on your website, then this will lead to adding new keyword opportunities for your website and remember, New and relevant keywords emerge all the time.

Use long tail keywords for your website

That is the reason why you should work well to find long tail keywords for your website, do not go for a gap filled keyword strategy for your website. This can be more harmful for your website organic traffic growth and give your competitors an advantage.

Long tail keywords and implement them into your website to get the absolute organic traffic and brand visibility.

start with relevant low competition keywords for your website that your website is not ranking for. You can use UberSuggest or Ahref like tools to get the SEO health of your site.

How to Rank Higher On Google?

Only making good content & posting it on a website for a search engine ranking is enough for the organic  traffic battle, you need to have good referral links for your website from other high DA websites on a regular basis than your competitor’s.

 a website’s ranking  is also dependent on  OFF PAGE SEO. What do you think? How Google prioritizes your search rankings, it depends on the referral incoming link to your websites. The better the DA of referring websites  your website has the better chance to  get stable ranking in the search results.

Optimization Of Website For High CTR (Click Through Rate)

Not just positioning on the first page of a search engine is enough for the organic search traffic battle, you also have to convince searchers to click on your website’s result rather than your competitor’s.

Your website’s organic traffic is dependent on your click through rate. What do you think? How Google prioritizes your search results, it depends on the CTR of your website. The better CTR your website has the better ranking you will get in the search results.

How To Improve|Increase CTR?

There is no single way to do this. You will have to take a holistic approach with below mentioned steps that will help increase your website’s CTR organically.

  • Use Google Search Console to identify low CTR content on your website.
  • Download the excel sheet and organize it by CTR.
  • According to the list, Make Meta Title more SEO friendly, Use focus keyword and make the title more engaging.
  • Use focus keywords in the meta description as well, this plays an important role to increase the CTR of your website. 
  • You have to use a clear call to action phrase in the description, remember to use the exact match of your focus key phrase in the meta description.

After this, check your website for the newly done changes and repeat the above process if needed.

Add relevant blogs to your site to increase ranking for keywords lastly

Blogging is the way you can increase the number of keywords for your website and use them to increase the search traffic of your website organically if your blog is answering the real user needs. If you are selling a product then you can showcase your product to the people who are searching for the related query with the help of your blogs. Blogging is a time and resource consuming activity and it also takes longer to show the results than other ways like paid search ads. 

If you have lists of target keywords for your site then separate them into informational and transactional search intent. If you don’t have the keyword lists, then this is the time to do keyword research.  

Once you have the list of keywords then categorize them by search volume, buyer, persona or event pain point. This will make your content user centric. You should check for your competitors if they are working for the same keyword or not. Use the digital marketing tools to do the same. Add a sitemap.xml file to your website. It is important for the crawlers to identify the most important pages in your website. Use Google Search Console account to add the sitemap of your website.

Get your position in the featured snippets

Google brought the featured snippets in the search results in 2016. These are beneficial to simplify the search for a user. For example, if you are searching for something on and by pressing the enter key, you will see the very first result related to your search query in the featured snippet. You saved your time by not going to other web pages and found the related result, Google has simplified this by simply putting the most related search result in the featured snippet for you.

If your website blog/article is in the featured snippet by google then it will lead to increased website traffic organically. 

So this is our all points about how to increase website traffic organically. You can experiment with these above mentioned points to get the absolute growth in increasing the organic traffic on your website.


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